What are Intelligent Workspaces?

Intelligent workspaces are buildings where systems combine to give a commercially strong, innovative environment for staff, tenants, members and visitors.

When you use that connectivity to link all the technology and the people in the building together (linking voice, data, mobile & cloud connectivity), and tap into the Internet of Things (IoT), you can create buildings that are almost intelligent organisms.

With businesses being more dependent on data, connectivity and virtual communications than ever before, what can a intelligent workspaces do for your business?

When you take these technologies and bring them all together, you create a workspace that is highly efficient with a deep understanding of the behaviours of the people inside and how they can best interact with the space and personalise it to suit their needs.

An intelligent workspace will know when a room is in use, and by how many people, it will tell cleaning teams when a room needs cleaning whilst ensuring that unused areas are not marked for cleaning.

An intelligent workspace will adapt its energy consumption based on the density of people inside and the temperature outside. It will recognise a tenant from a visitor and manage them effectively and securely, it can help the visitor find their way around or show the tenant or member where is a quiet place to work or where is vibrant and busy.

By applying this level of innovation, a truly intelligent workspace becomes an intuitive hub that delivers a seamless experience from the initial connection to WiFi to the invoice raised for the services delivered.

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Since 2003, Optimity have been building our own pioneering business and we have first-hand knowledge of the needs of entrepreneurial landlords. We optimise the digital design during the construction phase of new projects, through to developing long-term tenancy relationships once the building or campus becomes operational.

Optimity provide the digital backbone to support single tenant offices and multi-unit campuses to deliver resilient digital infrastructure to suit the growing needs of modern businesses.

Our industry knowledge, category-leading technological expertise and outstanding capability in digital connectivity paves the way for our clients to achieve immediate commercial success and lasting prosperity.

  • 97%

    Of business leaders stressed the significance of connectivity when choosing office space

  • 77%

    Of landlords have been able to achieve increases in rent with Wired Certification


Co-working and shared spaces have changed the way companies and individuals work together. Businesses are now establishing themselves in surroundings where collaboration allows them to do better business.

When multiple companies cohabit a single space, the biggest challenge becomes managing multiple members that require their own network and security within a shared environment.

Optimity have a flexible approach to Co-working clients, we offer full tenant management options, IT support and a range of turnkey solutions to make tenant transitions as seamless as possible. Or if you require, we can just help to brief hardware changeovers.

  • +4.7%

    Rental premium for Wired Certified buildings

  • 79%

    Of tenants would sign a longer lease in a building with superior connectivity

How can we help?

We are able to support landlords and property managers at any stage during the life cycle of a building.

Whether it is a new build or a listed building we are perfectly placed to advise how to plan, implement and manage an intelligent workspace. Our first step is usually to perform an assessment of the property and understand the aspirations you have but we work on many projects where the brief is unclear and our guidance is needed.

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Leeland Pavey CEO
“The innovation and commercial awareness of our property team continues to deliver deeply rich tenant and member experiences whilst ensuring revenue is gained to make the enhancements viable for landlords.”
  • I'm building a new property

    Optimity can provide advice, guidance and technical consultancy to help you create a new environment that will have the technology to thrive.

  • I'm refurbishing a property

    Optimity have experience working with properties in all stages of refurbishment and are able to help you make accurate and informed decisions to keep your project on track.

  • I'm upgrading my services

    Landlords across the UK are being forced to assess the challenge of making their properties stand out to potential tenants, this is where Optimity specialise.