How can we help?

  • I'm building a new property

    Optimity can provide advice, guidance and technical consultancy to help you create a new environment that will have the technology to thrive.

  • I'm refurbishing a property

    Optimity have experience working with properties in all stages of refurbishment and are able to help you make accurate and informed decisions to keep your project on track.

  • I'm upgrading my services

    Landlords across the UK are being forced to assess the challenge of making their properties stand out to potential tenants, this is where Optimity specialise.

We are able to support landlords and property managers at any stage during the life cycle of a building.

Whether it is a new build or a listed building we are perfectly placed to advise how to plan, implement and manage an intelligent workspace. Our first step is usually to perform an assessment of the property and understand the aspirations you have but we work on many projects where the brief is unclear and our guidance is needed.

One of the core areas where Optimity deliver the most impact is the integration of systems from multiple vendors into a single pane of glass platform. Whether it is access control, CCTV, audio visual, cleaning and maintenance, temperature control, billing, break-out zones or the general needs around tenant management, we are able to help bring your systems together.

Whilst we offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and services specifically to the property sector, there is a logical order in which we need to apply some key technologies. At the heart of any intelligent building is great connectivity that is robust and resilient, and this should nearly always form the foundation of any transition to an intelligent building.

Before occupation

Connect building

Most buildings adapting to a flexible workplace will not have sufficient connectivity to meet the needs of tenants. A resilient service will be the default offering.

Stage one


The landlord will need to ensure a robust cabling infrastructure exists to provide a flexible office space. It is unlikely that all tenants will work in a total wireless environment.

Stage two

Managed network

The provision of a managed network will form a key offering for the landlord and will deepen the tenants dependence on Optimity.

Stage three


With the core services established, bespoke marketing collateral will be prepared for the workspace.

Stage four

Tennant engagement

Our sales team will work in partnership with the landlord to guide, advise and support the tenant as they decide which services they will need.

Stage five


A proposal submitted focused around the four core products for a tenant: Connectivity, Managed Network, Telephony & IT Support.

Stage six

After occuptation

Active engagement

During the relocation phase the Account Manager will undertake an active role in ensuring the tenant is able to smoothly occupy the space and become operational. This will build a relationship and confidence with the tenant.

Stage one


Post occupation review – what is working well, where are the issues, what is the next stage in ensuring the tenant gets value from the flexible environment?

Stage two


We prepare an active roadmap for the tenant to fully integrate them into the shared environment.

Stage three


AM to then follow the roadmap and continue the upsell process. Quarterly reviews with a Technical AM will compliment this.

Stage four

Publicise and refer

We will seek publicity of the project with landlords and property managers together with referrals and future seminars from the property itself.

Stage five


The management of the property and changing tenants will continue through the Tenant AM

Stage six

Marketing support

Once you have started the journey towards delivering an intelligent workspace, it is key that your prospective tenant businesses understand the range of services available and how they can benefit their organisation.

Part of our service to you is to provide you with bespoke, branded literature that will highlight your entire portfolio of options. This collateral is a key element in helping you to drive revenue whilst ensuring your property stands out from the competition in terms of a technical, digital first offering.