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I'm building a new property

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    Of business leaders stressed the significance of connectivity when choosing office space

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    Of tenants believe well-connected offices improves business performance

Construction projects bring on many challenges, considerations and choices that need to be made that fundamentally often are being forced into a decision making process that doesn’t take the operationally and experiential experience that individuals and organisations will experience once the building has completed its practical completion process and the team that will manage those peoples day to day interaction, which has now been handed over by a team that may have considered the aesthetics but not the operational necessities to have a smoothly functioning workflow that will delight people in it’s simplicity.

There aren’t many companies that build then operate, they have an advantage though, they understand at a deeper level than those that only experience part of the equation, often don’t have a reference point or have experienced the pain of having to make do with a sub optimal service, which they have to, because at that point, it’s quite difficult to change and quite complex to have a conversation with the client, who often is quite annoyed and having to re-do something they considered to be done.

Optimity can provide advice, guidance and technical consultancy to avoid these pitfalls and for many we are the trusted pair of eyes, eyes and even hands quite often help them achieve their strategic goals and to have a single throat to choke if things are falling a little behind schedule.


At the this stage we can give some insights at what is likely to be important by the time you have managed to complete your planning application with the local planning authority, some of the technology will have changed but that’s to be expected as is the fact that how people will interact with that technology will have altered – the impact of COVID 19 is a compounded example of how change can happen very quickly and what people want and how they want to interact within your space – the key here is to look at what will not change vs what is likely to change and to have a strategy/tech appraisal matrix that allows you to know what you need to provide as a key requirement vs something that needs to be evaluated at the time that it matters and to realise that the thinking of today, will not be the reality of tomorrow – when it comes to technology.

By looking at human and business needs – you can plan for how people will interact and what functional requirements will still exist – then judge the likely blueprinting exercise and ongoing evaluation timings based on key action point activities and map these work streams into how your business maximises the benefit of technology partner that is constantly evaluating, learning and providing valuable insights that matter to your execution of creating a new environment that will have the technology to thrive.

    Christopher Chave-Cox Director of Property & Enterprise
    “Landlords have to understand the potential for the space they own and how to optimise the working experience for users of the space.”

Case studies

  • The Estate Office

    Optimity has worked with The Estate Office – to pre-fit the offices at 8 – 10 Long Street and ensure that business that want to make this redeveloped building their home are equipped with leased line connectivity from the day they take possession of their new Shoreditch home. That they can move in quickly and without fuss, Optimity has worked with the The Estate Office for nine years and are proud to be associated with such a stunning redevelopment.

How can we help?

  • I'm building a new property

    Optimity can provide advice, guidance and technical consultancy to help you create a new environment that will have the technology to thrive.

  • I'm refurbishing a property

    Optimity have experience working with properties in all stages of refurbishment and are able to help you make accurate and informed decisions to keep your project on track.

  • I'm upgrading my services

    Landlords across the UK are being forced to assess the challenge of making their properties stand out to potential tenants, this is where Optimity specialise.