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I'm refurbishing a property

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    Of landlords have been able to achieve increases in rent with Wired Certification

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    Of tenants would sign a longer lease in a building with superior connectivity

A property in need of refurbishment can be appealing, particularly in areas where inflated property prices are the norm. However, renovation can be extremely time-consuming and project costs can easily get out of hand without a well-researched budget. Optimity have experience working with properties in all stages of refurbishment and are able to help you make accurate and informed decisions to keep your project on track.

Whether you are looking at taking on a new property in need of refurbishment, or looking to remodel an existing site, Optimity can help. We have surveying experience ranging from a bare bones shell up to practical completion and are able to work around or alongside your fit out contractors in order to achieve your desired result.

Handover or takeover

If you’ve recently acquired a new property which you’re looking to refurbish, there may be some existing infrastructure handed over by the previous occupants. Wherever possible, this should be left in place by your fit out contractors – as part of our services, Optimity can test and advise on the condition and suitability of any remaining cabling, frames and cabinets, potentially saving you money.

All too often we come across cables or fibre that has been cut or damaged, either by the exiting tenants or the fit out contractors, that would have been perfectly serviceable otherwise. If possible, agree the condition of handover of such items with the previous tenants prior to putting pen to paper.

Working alongside contractors

Optimity are happy to conduct co-attended surveys, alongside your planners or contractors, in order to agree upon actions and ownership. We are happy to advise on a specification for containment and/or cabling should this be part of an issued brief, ensuring that the underpinning network fabric of the site is correct from day one.

Comms rooms

Something that quite often gets forgotten during a build phase is an area to house the buildings comms equipment, which is completely understandable; you want to maximise the revenue and space is money. However, neglecting this can potentially lead to cabinets housed in communal areas, reducing security and ruining the aesthetic. An early engagement with Optimity can mitigate this; as part of our initial survey report and design, we would advise you on suitable cabinet locations and comms room areas which can be built into a floor plan design, prior to engaging with fit out contractors.

    Chris Burfield Chief Commercial Officer
    “The changed marketplace for commercial property should be seen as a superb opportunity for landlords to increase revenue, increase the stickiness of their tenant and position their workspace at the top of every wish list. Continuing to offer traditional office space seems a risky decision against a backdrop of such seismic change in the workspace of the future and, when coupled with the increased opportunities for revenue generating enhancements, would seem naive.”

Case studies

  • County hall

    As part of Optimity’s broad portfolio of successful projects across the UK, we are proud to announce our partnership alongside Innovate UK in bringing world-class connectivity to our latest project for County Hall, London.

How can we help?

  • I'm building a new property

    Optimity can provide advice, guidance and technical consultancy to help you create a new environment that will have the technology to thrive.

  • I'm refurbishing a property

    Optimity have experience working with properties in all stages of refurbishment and are able to help you make accurate and informed decisions to keep your project on track.

  • I'm upgrading my services

    Landlords across the UK are being forced to assess the challenge of making their properties stand out to potential tenants, this is where Optimity specialise.