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  • 77%

    Of landlords have been able to achieve increases in rent with Wired Certification

  • +4.7%

    Rental premium for Wired Certified buildings

Landlords across the UK are being forced to assess the challenge of making their properties stand out to potential tenants, this requires investment at at time when tenants are demanding flexible terms, competitive rents, low cost of entry and high numbers of available units.

This is where Optimity specialise; in designing commercially viable, attractive solutions that help drive revenue, increase tenant stickiness whilst delivering a technology-rich experience.

Resilience, Coverage and Speed

These are the three words on the ”must-have” list of any incoming tenant, the services that you provide must be reliable and have a back up service, the Wi-Fi signals must cover all work areas (including break out zones) and there must be a consistently high speed that is accessible anywhere. Such is the demand for connectivity in our modern lives that we now simply assume there will be a very fast, reliable Wi-Fi signal to connect to and it can prove deeply frustrating if this service is not easily accessible.

Free Property Assessment

The best starting point for any landlord or property manager is to understand what can be achieved within their space. With so many technologies, options and limitations with property designs, it is recommended that landlords book one of our free Property Assessment Reports – our tech team will visit your premises, assess, measure and consider the options that could work well for your space. We’ll then package these up into a comprehensive report that will help you decide how your space could be transformed in a commercially viable way.

Chris Burfield Chief Commercial Officer, Optimity
“The changed marketplace for commercial property should be seen as a superb opportunity for landlords to increase revenue, increase the stickiness of their tenant and position their workspace at the top of every wish list. Continuing to offer traditional office space seems a risky decision against a backdrop of such seismic change in the workspace of the future and, when coupled with the increased opportunities for revenue generating enhancements, would seem naive.”
    Christopher Chave-Cox Director of Property & Enterprise
    “Landlords have to understand the potential for the space they own and how to optimise the working experience for users of the space.”

Case studies

  • The London Studios

    Optimity were chosen by Mitsubishi Estates to provide connectivity and IT services to the tenants of The London Studios, on the south bank of the Thames. This prestigious project on one of London's most recognised landmarks, took full advantage of our assessments, knowledge and expertise to transform an empty shell into a flexible workspace that delivered an "always live" connected environment.

How can we help?

  • I'm building a new property

    Optimity can provide advice, guidance and technical consultancy to help you create a new environment that will have the technology to thrive.

  • I'm refurbishing a property

    Optimity have experience working with properties in all stages of refurbishment and are able to help you make accurate and informed decisions to keep your project on track.

  • I'm upgrading my services

    Landlords across the UK are being forced to assess the challenge of making their properties stand out to potential tenants, this is where Optimity specialise.